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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Donesao Island to magnetize over 120,000 tourists

(KPL) A well-known tourism site 'Donesao' island in Tonpheung district, Bokeo province is estimated to welcome more than 120,000 visitors, said an official.
Director General of Donsao Tourism Site, Mr Pan Thipphavanh, continued that the number of tourists is increasing constantly, especially Thai tourists representing almost 90 per cent of the total tourists.
The entrance fee is not expansive, just only 2,700 kip or 10 baht per person.
Donesao tourism site has opened since 1996 and attracted only 1,000 visitors, however in 2000 the number of visitors increased to 70,000 people.
Last year, Donsao tourism site has been able to attract over 110,000 arrivals, where 20 ferries and 60 speedboats are available to serve visitors, and generated considerably to the district with around 400 million kip.
In addition, Donsao also earns incomes from selling postcards and stamps calculated for 30 million kip annually.
Chief of Tonphueng district, Mr Chomsy Lattanapan said that over 60,000 arrivals have visited Tonphueng district during the festival of Doke Ngiew Ban held last February.
He continued that the district had 600 million kip income, of which 400 million kip was income from Donsao Island.

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