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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The fresh market along the road

On the way from Tomo going back to Pakse. This market is located on 19th kilometer.
They sell snakes, fish, frogs, all kind of vegetables collected from forest.

This deer is looking at itself
And These reptiles are under arrest

Wat Phou: Crossing the Mekong

I went to Wat Phou two times. The first time in 2005. I went there in the evening. We started from Tomo at 7 p.m and we reached Wat Phou at 11 p.m. because of traffic jam. The road was full of vehicles and crowd heading to Wat Phou festival which is held once a year. The vehicles must cross the Mekong using ferries, there were about ten of them going from one bank to another. It was dark that night, I could not take photo to show here.
But I have another pictures taken in the day time during my second trip to Wat Phou.

In the ferry you can find noodle soup to eat and if you have motorbike and you don't prefer big ferries then choose the choice shown in the last picture

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tomo: The world heritage of Tomo

If you begin from Pakse and going south, you will find Tomo at kilometer 40.
You will find the sign on the rightside. Turn right and go along unpaved road about 1 kilometer (could not remember exact distance).
There is a kiosk for tourists for buying tickets but the day I went there I could not find anybody who sells tickets.
Among the high trees you will see the stone ruins of Ancient Khmer empire like in Angor Wat.

People may know Wat Phou which is also the ancient Khmer architecture better than this place.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Phasouam: The ethnic village

This is not me. He is my friend.
I took a picture. The children is from NGAE tribe.

These are their belonging for everyday use.

I don't know exactly what this house is for. I guess this should be used for keeping their harvest. One column may prevent rats from climbing up.

Here is the tradition weaving

and here the product