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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Phasouam: The Guest house

Hi every body. Let me continue telling you about Phasouam. In the water fall area there is a resort with guest houses. There are many houses built in tribal style but inside you can find a bed room and a convenient toilet and shower.

This room costs 30 US$ for 1 night. There is a regulation for sex trade which should be penalties:
  1. One cow for a village
  2. 3 million Kips (300 US$) for the government
  3. 3 months of imprisonment
    Strange rule isn't it?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vat Phou attracts over 38,000 visitors

(KPL) So far this year, the second World Heritage, Vat Phou, has attracted over 38,100 visitors.
Since 2001, the number of visitors to Vat Phu has been increasing significantly. Last year, Vat Phou recieved 38,597 tourists.
Committee for Heritage of Champassak held a meeting on conserving of the world heritage of the province.
The participants raised the isues of conservation of heretage items, and the supervision of the ancient foundation stone conservation in Ban Hua Sae, Sanasomboun district, and the entrance charge for viewing Vat Phu.
They also discussed ways to better the management of Vat Phu Conservation Fund under the Committee for Heritage of the province. The committee said that the management is complicated.
Champassak Deputy Governor Mr Somsanith Bouttivong, and also the president of Committee for Heritage of Champassak and representatives of relevant sectors took part at the meeting.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Phasouam: The bridge

We are still talking about Phasouam. Houay Champa is the name of the stream which need to cross and the bridge we are talking about is used for crossing Houay Champa.
The bridge has made from metallic sling and bamboo.

Under the bridge you can see fish swimming in transparent water. At another end of the bridge there ia a blue sign in Lao language telling not to run, jump or sway. I saw this kind of bridge rarely in Laos.

Houay is Lao word meaning stream

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Phasouam is from two words.
Pha is cliff and souam is bed room.
Tadxe is waterfall in souththern lao dialect.
therefor Tadxe Phasouam is Phasouam waterfall.
It is located near Pakse in the east From Pakse to Pakxong about 33 km.
When you see the sign, turn left.
When you reach the gate they should stop you and you must buy tickets for visitors and vehicle.
There inside you see three waterfalls, guest house, ethnic tribe village and restaurant.
Beautyful place right? That day when I was there, there were many Thai tourists.