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Friday, March 20, 2009

Laos eases border travel to boost tourism industry

(KPL) Laos will allow tourists entering the country via a group package from a Lao tour company to travel around the country.
According to Lao Tourist Police Department Deputy Director Lieutenant Colonel Lathavy Sommixay, tour operators and the National Tourism Administration had requested that police ease travel for tourists, the Vientiane Times reported on Mar 4.
Lt. Col Lathavy said that it has been government policy for several years to allow Lao tour companies to take groups of tourists from neighbouring countries to several provinces on three-day border passes. “Tour companies must request permission from immigration police before taking tourists with border passes out of the area specified,” he was quoted as saying.
Lt. Col Lathavy said that individual tourists holding border passes would not be given permission by immigration police to travel to many provinces, and will be required to have a passport with a valid Lao visa to enter the country.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Luang Prabang prepares for Lao New Year

(KPL) Luang Prabang authorities have established 16 sub committees for organising the Lao New Year celebration for year 2552 (according to Lunar calendar) which is falling on 14-16 April 2009.
As the previous years the Luang Prabang authorities have decided to organise trade fair at That Luang Square on 10 April with traditional art performance and Miss Lao New Year contest and the perfume-watering of Pra Bang, the most respectful of Luang Prabang people, at Vat Mai Suvannaphumala.
To attract larger numbers of tourists the authorities of the province have been making efforts in expanding accommodations such as hotels, guesthouses and restaurants and classification of hotels to ensure their service to visitors.
As of 2007, Luang Prabang has 21 hotels, 203 guesthouses and resorts and 104 restaurants and seven entertainment places. These accommodations have 2,162 rooms and 3,439 beds in total.