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Monday, December 15, 2008

Miss Aphone Contest 2008 to hold at the end of this year

(KPL) Miss Aphone Lao contest 2008 will be held on 20 December, at the National Cultural Hall, Vientiane Capital, according to yesterday's press conference held at the Lao Journalists Association.

Ms Panita Vanhkham, Manager of K&C company, organising committee said that 18 women will attend at the Miss Aphone contest 2008 that they will participate in various activities in the society. 

The competitors are now on rehearsal activities for the upcoming contest which the activity kicked off 3 December. The 18 beautiful women will learn about the Lao Traditional, food cooking and other traditional culture of Laos. The Miss Aphone contest is aiming at promoting fine traditional culture of Laos.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wattay to make way for new airport

(KPL) The Civil Aviation Department (CAD) said yesterday that the government is scouting for a suitable site to build an airport that would give a good image of Laos to air travellers. 
CAD said that there is an urgent need to replace the present Wattay International Airport because it is close to the centre of Vientiane, it is located in a highly urban area of the capital city and the flights of the planes to and from the airport is a source of noise pollution.
Mr Vanpheng Chanthaphone, Vice-Head of the Civil Aviation Deportment said that recently there is an increase in the number of flights to and from Wattay but as its size and available facilities are limited, the government is seriously thinking of building a new one in a more suitable location.

We studied the options and we concluded that Wattay cannot cater adequately to the long term economic growth of the Vientiane Capital and morever its location in a densely populated area of the city means that many people night die in an unforseen air crash near this airport, he added. 
Recently, the Lao government gave the green light for the Booyong Company of the Republic of Korea to conduct a feasibility study to build a new airport. A ceremony was held on 5 December to commemorate the commencement of such a study and the two signatories were Mr Sommath Polsena, Minister of Public Works and Transport and Mr Lee Joong-Keun, Chairman of Booyong Company.The new location has been decided and it will be at Kilometre 21 of Road 13 South, in Xaythany district of Vientiane Capital and near the new International Stadium, the venue of the 25th SEA Games in 2009.
The Civil Aviation Department also said that a land area of 5,000 hectares has been set aside for the new airport and the feasibility study is expected to be completed by 2010. If the Lao government approves the plan, the Booyong Company will carry out construction work in 2011 and its scheduled completion date is 2015.

Lao tourist hits by global financial and economic crisis

(KPL) The tourist circumstances of Laos this year was affected by the global financial crisis and stemmed economy worldwide and the political crisis of neighbouring country occurred recent month, Chairman of National Tourism Administration, Mr Somphong Mongkhounvilay yesterday. 

This condition considerable impacts to the tourist of Laos and made a large number of foreign tourists canceled fight headed to Laos via neighbouring country, particularly the tourists who traveled with Thai airline,  he continue. 

However the turmoil has reduced and it expects the number of tourists with destination to visit Laos will soon come back to normal in this high season. 

Mr Somphong released his key note speech to open the 4th nationwide meeting of National Tourism Administration took place yesterday, Vientiane Capital where drew line-deputy governors countrywide and officials from relevant agencies. 

Over the past 10 month this year, over 1.3 million tourist visited Laos compared to previous year it soared 3 percent. This figure compared to the expected figure was not high according to the plan Laos will receive 1.8 million people and will receive income about US$250 million.

 In the period of 2007-08, Laos' tourist has considerably expanded which indicated that the Laos welcomed 1.6 million tourists in 2007 or increased by 34 percent and draw income over US$233 million which covered 8 percent of GDP. This income considers it the second rank next to mining sector. 

This year, 134 tourist companies are running their business in Laos that increased 22 companies and 1,381 guesthouses and hotels with 22,233 bed rooms.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lao Airlines loses US$ 300,000 due to Suvarnbhumi Airport closure

(KPL) Lao Airlines admitted last Friday that it lost at least US$ 300,000 or 2.5 billion kip caused by Suvarnbhumi International Airport in Bangkok closed for a week. 
Suvarnbhumi International Airport of Thailand is one of the biggest airports in ASEAN Nations which is main gateway linking to other continents worldwide, but when Thai anti-government protestors seized the airport on 26 November. 
This leads to the closure of Suvarnbhumi airport affected domestic and foreign travelers who are going to visit Thailand and other country especially Laos, said tourism officials.
Vice Marketing Manager of the Lao Airlines, Mr Sitthideth Duangsitthi confirmed that 2,196 passengers of Lao airlines who trapped at the Suvarnbhumi Airport leading to they cancelled and changed their flight for transit in Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. 
Out of the total passengers of the Lao airline, of whom at least 23 Lao people trapped in the Suvarnbhumi airport in this case they decided to change to use the bus and train.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Opening of Nam Heuang Friendship Bridge and International Border Building

(KPL)The handing-over ceremony of the Nam Heuang Friendship Bridge and the International Border Building in Kaenthao district, Sayaboury province was held on 2 December and Mr Phouvong Korasack, Director General of the Laosamai Construction Company and Service Limited handed this infrastructure to the Lao government.
The Vice-President, Bounnhang Vorachit, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Sommad Pholsena, the Governor of Sayaboury Province, Lien Thikeo and guests were at this ceremony.
The Vice-President carried out the ribbon cutting ceremony and declared the opening of this bridge, the third one to span the Mekong River along the Lao-Thai border and so provide linkages between Laos and Thailand.
Mr Bounnhang presented the Pathana medal to the Laosamai Construction Company for his contribution to the development of Laos and the Governor of Xayaboury presented congratulation certificates to the outstanding officers and departments of the construction company for their contributions to the construction of this bridge.
The Nam Heuang Friendship bridge and International Border Building Construction Project costs 14,584 million kip (US$1,700,000) and the Lao government funded its construction. The construction began in December 2004 and it was completed in November 2008.
This bridge facilitates the transportation of goods between Laos and Thailand.