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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lao Airlines loses US$ 300,000 due to Suvarnbhumi Airport closure

(KPL) Lao Airlines admitted last Friday that it lost at least US$ 300,000 or 2.5 billion kip caused by Suvarnbhumi International Airport in Bangkok closed for a week. 
Suvarnbhumi International Airport of Thailand is one of the biggest airports in ASEAN Nations which is main gateway linking to other continents worldwide, but when Thai anti-government protestors seized the airport on 26 November. 
This leads to the closure of Suvarnbhumi airport affected domestic and foreign travelers who are going to visit Thailand and other country especially Laos, said tourism officials.
Vice Marketing Manager of the Lao Airlines, Mr Sitthideth Duangsitthi confirmed that 2,196 passengers of Lao airlines who trapped at the Suvarnbhumi Airport leading to they cancelled and changed their flight for transit in Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. 
Out of the total passengers of the Lao airline, of whom at least 23 Lao people trapped in the Suvarnbhumi airport in this case they decided to change to use the bus and train.

1 comment:

arcibaldo said...

i read in vientiane times maybe two days ago that a new international airport will soon be constructed in vientiane.