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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Phousalauw mountain offers ancient treasures

A wonderful view surrounds Phousalauw Mountain in Champassak province, where visitors can enjoy historic sites and temples.

There are many interesting historic sites on Phousalauw Mountain in Champassak province.

Looking east from the mountain one can view Pakxe district and to the west Phonthong district. The two areas are linked by a range of hills including the sacred Phousalauw mountain, which is said to be the location of a legendary love triangle between Mr Bachieng, Ms Malong and Mr Champassak.

Phousalauw mountain is one of a group of hills known as the Maikhanmark (missed engagement) hills.

The area was first surveyed in 2007 by provincial officials, the Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organisation and various sectors in the district. Provincial tourism officials hope the site will soon open as a tourist attraction.

Phousalao Mountain has many sites of significance. Towards the bottom of the hill, visitors can view the stonewall ruins of the ancient Silakhamphaengphet temple. A kilometre away is a historic cave, where Champasilalam temple was once located.

Another point of interest is Salauw cave, where large sacred Buddha images have been placed. The cave also contains images and carvings of nagas and flowers. Ancient ceremonial stones, brought from the sacred Dinchiphoumalong pond, are also inside the cave.

Phousalao mountain consists of four tiered levels. Visitors walking up to the first level, which is known as Khammuang and is around 80 to130 metres from the bottom of the hill, experience beautiful natural scenery and are surrounded by thick shady forest.

The fourth level is known as the deunnnhon (airport) level and is about 350 metres from the base of the hill. This area has been used by past armies to establish fortifications and protect the surrounding region.

Surveying of the hillside is now complete and officials are developing the historic and sacred sites, including the construction of the Velavanchomphet-Phousalauw temple on the hilltop, in an effort to attract local and foreign visitors.

Apart from experiencing beautiful natural scenery and fascinating historic sites, visitors can also view the 80 metre high Khoinang cliff known as “The cliff where Mr Bachieng waited for Malong”.

Doksaletedannao is a reporter for Champamai Weekly Magazine in Champassak province.

Champamai is a collaborator with Vientiane Times.

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