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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pakse Airport to reopen in two months

KPL) Champassak re-improves its Pakse airport and hopes it will be ready for use in May, according to an official.
Head of the Civil Aviation Department, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Yakoua Lorpangkao, said that the improvement of Pakse Airport began in March 2008 and would take 20 months.
Although the improvement was over the airport could not be used after a test run in November last year. The improvement had been conducted with inappropriate techniques so the airport is being re-improved now, according to Mr. Yakoua.
The improvement includes the expansion of its runway from 1,625 m long and 36 m wide to 2,400 m long and 45 m wide in order to enable the airport in this southernmost province to support large aircrafts such as Boeing 737s and Airbus 320s.

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