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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Delays to modernization of Pakse International Airport

(KPL) Improvement work to Pakse International Airport in Champassak province has only been partially completed, although it is already passed the scheduled completion date.
Head of the improvement project for Pakse International Airport, Mr Anousak Kittilath said that even though construction work started in March 2008 but till the present its completion is computed at 42 per cent.He said that work could not go on seamlessly because of a series of delays, the delivery of raw materials, monetary compensation to villagers who were affected by this project and heavy rainfall for three months in 2008.
However, he gave the assurance that the improvement work would be completed by the end of November, 2009. When completed, the big and modern airplanes, Boeing 737 airplane and Airbus 320 would be able to land and take-off from the runway of this airport, added Mr Anousak.
Mr. Anoulack Khithilath, also said that according to the terms of the contract, signed with the Italian-Thai Construction Company, in March 2008, the runway would be lengthened to 2,400 metres from 1,650 metres, the width of 36 metres to be widened to 45 metres and the total construction cost was over 233 million baht.

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