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Friday, September 26, 2008

Shops along the Mekong riverside to be removed by October

(KPL) The Mekong Riverside Development and Embankment project in Vientiane capital will require 146 families to remove their shops along the Mekong riverside from Vat Chanh to Kaoliao before October.
The removal is to support the implementation of the project including the construction of a dike, embankment and a 12-ha park for Vientiane residents, which will be carried out with a loan from the government of the Republic of Korea.
Relevant authorities have allocated some areas in Nong Niao area in Sikhottabong district for resettling the people who will have removed their shops.
A plan on constructing the park has been drafted and discussed at this week's meeting which was attended by Vice Mayor of Vientiane Bounchanh Sinthavong and relevant officials.
  • The park is to attract both domestic and foreign tourists and to benefit directly and indirectly income generation of Vientiane residents and contribute to the economic development of Vientiane, said Mr. Bounchanh Keosithamma, director of the Mekong Embankment and Development Project.
  • The park stretches from the junction at Sithanneua village to Don Chan Palace Hotel.
After completing the draft plan of the park we will continue accomplish the plan for the construction of the dike and embankment, said Mr. Bounchanh.

1 comment:

arcibaldo said...

i can't imagine which part of the Mekong riverside will be affected, but does it include the part where there's a gym and carnival games?