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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PI MAI celebration in Luang Prabang

(KPL) This year’s celebration of PI MAI ( Lao New Year) in Luang Prabang was held with the more attractive events and bigger than ever.
On the first day of the celebration, falling on April 13, local residents headed to the traditional bazaar ( fair) held in the heart of the town with a total distance of nearly two kilometres.
In the afternoon, the focus of the celebration switched to the island of Done Sai Moung Khoun, on the opposite side of the town across the Mekong River, where thousands of people gathered to build sand stupas and release fish and birds to let bad things/omens go with the old year. The local people also organised a baci ceremony, dance performance, traditional sports, fire rocket and visited some natural and cultural tourism sites in the district.
On this occasion, the high-ranking officials from central and provincial level also attended at the event to celebrate with the local people.
In the morning of following day, people went to temples to water Buddha images brought down for public watering. In the afternoon, local people and visitors lined along the Sri Savangvong Road to watch the traditional procession of Hair Vor starting at Wat That Noi to Wat Xiengthong.
Early morning of the last day which is considered to be the first day of the Lao traditional new year, called Mue Sang Khane Khuen, people climbed up Phou Si Mountain, where the renowned Phou Si is stuated, to mark merit by offering steamed rice to spirits, called Yai Khao Phra, along the stairs up the mountain. The Phou Si Mountain stands abruptly in the heart of the town. In the afternoon the procession returned from Wat Xiengthong to Wat That Noi.
Nang Sankane 2551 was Miss Pavenaphone Boupha from Visoun village. 10 year ago, her mother and mother’s sister used to be Miss Sangkan.


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