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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My activities in Wan Awk Pansa

Lai heua fai( ໄຫລເຮືອໄຟ) : letting the candles flow away

Vien Thien (ວຽນທຽນ): to walk in circle carrying candles
Wan Awk Pansa day was on October 26. That day in the morning people go to Wats, so did my wife. In the everning I could hear the sound of firework, it seemed like we were in the the battle zone because the sound was like the gunshots. We prepared a small wood boat - just a bar of wood and decorated it with candles. Every houses lit candles, some decorated their houses with beautiful lamps. Young people went out to the rivers (in my hometown - the Mekong) to join the festive activities like Lai Heua fai, Vien Thien..
But, I and my friends did not join any activities as we sat in the bar drinking Beerlao.

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